Cluster Photos

Cluster Photos —

When I started getting into photography, I thought I’d take a few cool pictures, maybe print a few to hang up, and share the best on Facebook and Instagram. Little did I know I’d be going down a rabbit hole that would result in me wanting to do more and more and improve as much as I can. While playing the Bay Photo ROES, I found that I could order a group of photos in a cluster.

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Tripod Adventures

Tripod Adventures —

Last week, I celebrated turning 23. It’s not a very exciting age to turn, and the Blink-182 song clearly says that nobody likes you when you’re twenty-three. However, turning 23 for me has actually been full of more ups than downs. I will graduate college, start my career, and start “adulting” at 23, all of which I’m pretty excited for. On top of all that awesomeness, Alex got me a pretty sweet birthday present: a Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Tripod.

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Time to Start Decorating

Time to Start Decorating —

The past couple of months, a lot has changed for me. I officially moved to California, started my last semester of engineering at San Francisco State, accepted a job offer, and began training for a 5k. However, my love for the arts has not changed. I have been diving deeper into photography and realized just how plain the walls of my apartment are. As I’m writing this, I am staring at a blank wall above the dining room table.

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